What is Angelic Hands?

10686915_317670815081864_8572306931485132492_n[1]I work for a local charity on two days a week and my husband and I run our own print business where I do the accounts one day a week so what with that, looking after the children and running the home I was already quite busy but I felt I had the time now the boys are getting a bit older, to learn something new and perhaps build my own little business.  I was looking for something I enjoy doing, where I could work from home, learning and building my skill base as the boys grow more independent.  Having been brought up in a family that used natural remedies alongside traditional medicine for all childhood illnesses, coughs and sneezes, bumps and scrapes and having a Mum who was qualified in massage and beauty therapy I was familiar and comfortable with holistic therapies and knew from first hand experience how beneficial massage can be.  When I had an Indian Head Massage as a treat I found it deeply relaxing and was amazed at how many benefits there are from this treatment.  I read more about it and suddenly Indian Head massage and other holistic therapies seemed the obvious way to go.  I researched  courses and was pleased to find a really professional training centre who not only teach effective, practical lessons in massage but also make sure the students know the important Anatomy and Physiology as well as professional ethics, health and safety, hygiene, and about related legislation and insurance.  Last year I qualified in Indian Head Massage, Thai Foot and Hand Massage and Reiki level 1.  I converted our spare room into a treatment room and Angelic Hands was born. It’s just the beginning, there are other forms of massage and therapies that I’d like to learn and will be adding these to my repertoire in the future.  Have you learnt a new skill or started your own business? I’d love to hear about your experiences.

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