Random Remedies.


With all the housework, gardening, painting, DIY, craft and hard work we do with our hands we could easily suffer from dry, and chapped skin, especially at this time of year when we go from the cold outside to the warm inside.  There’s a quick and easy way of keeping your hands soft, supple and healthy, using a few ingredients from the kitchen.

1-2 tbsp. oil.  You can use any cooking oil from the kitchen, Olive and rapeseed oils are good, I like nut oils like macadamia, or sweet almond. Coconut is also really good for your skin and has many benefits (I like using this for hand and foot massages as it’s really nourishing for the skin, soaking in beautifully but leaving a fine slick on the surface to glide over).
1 tbsp honey.  An optional extra but honey is softening and soothing and has antibacterial properties so is a great addition to this little mixture.
1 heaped tsp granulated sugar.  This is the exfoliating ingredient.

I tend to do this at random moments, if I’m in the kitchen and notice my hands are getting dry I just pour these ingredients onto the palm of one hand then massage them all over my hands, concentrating on any dry spots and around the cuticles.   It’s best to do this over the sink as it can get a bit messy! once you’ve given your hands a good scrub all over you can rinse them off and pat them dry.  There will be a fine layer of oil on your skin, the thickness of this layer will depend on what type of oil you used and how much your skin has absorbed.  You can either leave this layer on to soak in or, if you’re worried about everything you touch slipping out of your hands or having greasy marks left behind you can use a gentle soap to wash your palms and fingertips.

The photos above aren’t great quality as it was late last night when I realised it’s not easy to use a phone camera once you’re covered in oil!

I’ve had a cough this week and have been making my own cough remedy which I find works just as well as any I’ve bought in the past.  In a jar mix equal parts of Manuka honey and apple cider vinegar (about 1 tbsp. will do as you can make this up as you use it), add a pinch of cinnamon and ginger, put the lid on and give it a shake.  At this point I taste it and add a little runny honey to take the sharp edge off.  Take a couple of teaspoons as you need it.

I feel I should add (although I’m sure you’re all able to use common sense), that these are not conventional medical remedies and by no means cures for medical conditions, always consult a doctor with any medical concerns.  My recipes are created from hints and tips I’ve picked up from family, books, other therapists, and a certain amount of intuition and experimenting.  As the ingredients are all natural and edible they’re unlikely to cause harm unless you’re allergic to them or consume a massive amount – common sense required!

With these remedies the cough should be gone by the weekend and if I’m lucky enough to hold hands with my valentine I’ll have nice soft hands – Happy Valentines Day!

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