Half Term Fun

What a blissful day!  My boys have been happily digging, which kept them amused for hours! Meanwhile I had a go at divining for water pipes with my Dad.  He’s done this for as long as I can remember and as a child I used to watch and then have a go myself.  so when Dad said that’s what he was doing today I jumped at the chance to have another go.  I have no idea how it works but I do know that countless times this has saved a lot of hassle as Dad has been able to pin point a water pipe and saved digging everywhere to find it, or hitting one by mistake!  Today we found the water main and electric cable that we were looking for.


I love being outdoors and after spending the day in the fresh air I feel revived and refreshed.  The boys excitedly spotted a couple of Buzzards soaring overhead and I thoroughly enjoyed an outdoor meditation with a background sound of sky larks singing. Then I went to find the boys only to discover them down a massive hole! It was almost up to Charlie’s shoulders and they proudly demonstrated how they had made foot holes to climb out again.  It was very impressive but I also had to point out the possible dangers of the sides falling in!


As it’s pancake day I made us all pancakes for lunch, with the traditional lemon juice and syrup and also with banana and chocolate.  Every Shrove Tuesday I usually look up a batter recipe as I worry about getting quantities just right for the perfect pancakes but today with no scales or whisk available I just threw it all in and whisked with a fork and they came out brilliantly!

The boys were so caked in mud that I made them take their trousers off to get in my car to come home (I’m not fussy about my car but they were absolutely filthy!) and threw them straight in the bath when we got home with a few drops of lavender oil and a handful of salt (the boys that is, the trousers were thrown in the sink to soak!).  The boys used to suffer from eczema when they were little and I found that swimming in the sea everyday on a weeks holiday in Spain cleared it completely but came back once we got home.  I tried adding salt to their baths and found that Dead Sea salt worked the best.  After the eczema had cleared up I carried on adding a handful to their bath once a week and that kept their skin clear.  I have always put essential oils in their bath too, usually Lavender as it helps calm them down before bed and I get to breath in the lavender steam while running the bath, which I used to find a real help during that frantic time between tea and bedtime when they were toddlers.  I  still use oils in their bath and also on their pillows and feet.  I know it sounds weird but oils absorb really easily into the souls of the feet so if the boys have a cold I put Olbas oil on the soles of their feet as well as their Pyjama shoulders and chest, it works really fast that way.  They also really enjoy having their feet massaged so I get to practice my Thai Foot massage moves on them at the same time!

I hope everyone who is lucky enough to get a half term is enjoying themselves this week.

Happy pancake day!

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