Spring Fun

Spring is here at last and I suddenly remember how good it is to feel the sun on your face and notice how much I’ve missed it.

I love seeing the signs of spring.
I love seeing the signs of spring.
I found this cheerful little bunch in our garden.
I found this cheerful little bunch in our garden.

The boys and I have really enjoyed the first few days of the Easter holidays, relaxing after the hectic end of term.  (We recently had a busy week making World Book Day costumes, I’ll post some photo’s of their Hiccup and Willy Wonka costumes soon ).  So far we’ve spent most of the time outdoors; digging for worms with my year old nephew, we had an adventure on a ‘boat’ (an old trailer and lots of imagination!), played at the park with cousins and had an amazing time just standing in the wind, leaning into it and wondering if we really might take off!

I made fudge for an Easter fundraiser and I’ve saved some for us as a special treat.  Luckily I had these bright Easter bags left over from last year, I love all the vibrant colours at this time of year, so uplifting and full of promise for sunny days to come.

I love making fudge, it's so easy now I've got a sugar thermometer!
I love making fudge, it’s so easy now I’ve got a sugar thermometer!

I’m hoping to get outdoors again tomorrow to deliver some Angelic Hands leaflets.  Yesterday I gave my client who came for an Indian Head Massage a Thai foot massage taster as a treat so she left feeling relaxed from head to toe!

angelart I’ve recently had time to do some painting which I always find relaxing and therapeutic.  I’m hoping for more sunny days so I can take my easel outside and have a go at a spring painting.

Have a wonderful Easter!

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