Home made costumes, balance and focus…..

….can I have them all?

I’m sure I’m not the only parent who has that moment of panic when the children come home from school excitedly telling me that they’ve got to go in fancy dress and have their heart set on something complicated.  This year for world book day Harrison wanted to be Hiccup from ‘How to Train Your Dragon.’ (He Loves the books as well as the films).  Charlie had decided he was going to be Willy Wonka.  I had a look online at costumes but they were not all cheap, especially with delivery charges so next time I was in our nearest, tiny town I visited the charity shops and hit costume gold!

Hiccup Wonka

I found a fluffy, shaggy waistcoat and suede look shirt for Hiccup and some purple ladies jeggings and bright patterned jacket for  Wonka.  All I had to do was turn the waistband of the Jeggings over and thread though some elastic to make them fit Charlie.  Then I cut the bottom of the jacket off, gathered in the back and stitched the bit I’d l cut off back on the other way round to form coat tails.  I found a bright yellow tie which I cut up to make a bow tie on elastic. Hiccup was even easier; I just cut the collar off the shirt and trimmed the sleeves to fit.  He wore his own trousers and belt.

The boys had a great time making their hats out of paper mache.  Hiccups Viking hat was formed on a balloon and the horns were kitchen foil covered in paper.  Wonka’s top hat was made from corrugated card, reinforced with paper mache.  We also made some lollipops by painting circles of card and sticking wooden skewers in.  We used the rest of the yellow tie, a big button and the lollipops to trim the hat.  The boys painted their hats with acrylic paint which has a nice shine to it when dry so gives a good finish.

wonka hat hiccup hat

The total cost was a lot less than ready made costumes and there was no risk of them looking the same as anyone else.  We had good fun making the hats too.  They had a great time on World Book Day and the costumes are being saved in case they’re needed again.

I know when I’m busy my first reaction to these school events can be panic at when I’m going to fit in costume making, baking or whatever they’re asking but I try to remind myself how quickly their time at school is going and how special I used to feel when my Mum made the effort to send me in a homemade costume.  There will be a time when they don’t need or want my input and although that’s right and as it should be as they grow up, I know that’ll take some getting used to.  So I’m trying to make the most of the time now, when the house may be in chaos, I’m behind with the laundry and haven’t had time to hoover but my boys are happy and we’re creating something together.  All too soon the house will be quiet and tidy and I’ll have time to hoover but lets be honest I’ll probably find some other creative way to put it off!

I’m good at procrastinating, baking is my favourite form of procrastination, I get to feel like I’m being a domestic Goddess and providing good things for my family while putting off the more boring tasks.  However recently I’ve been feeling more focused and have achieved more than I expected to, studying and passing modules of my Anatomy and Physiology course and making time to practice Reiki and meditate.  I think it’s the meditation and Reiki that’s giving me the clearer, uncluttered mind, helping me to focus and apply myself.  I’ve also been socialising more than normal too, which is lovely and creating a great balance between work and play.  It’s like the more time I put into creating the work life I want, not only do I get closer to achieving that but other areas of life improve too.

I’m looking forward to completing Level 2 Reiki, I just need to find some willing volunteers to complete case studies on……….   Hello World, my Angelic Hands are coming!

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