Bluebells and Beetles and ‘eating the frog!’

bluebell panorama

I love bluebell season, it doesn’t last long so we try to make the most of it and take a few walks in the woods near to where we live.  I’m not a great photographer and only have my phone to take snaps with but always feel the need to try and capture the bluebells.  The pictures never do it justice, I haven’t been able to capture the movement of the dappled light or the combined smell of the damp earth and light bluebell fragrance, or the peaceful sound of the breeze in the trees…. and the sudden yell from one of the boys who are nearly always deeply involved in being superheroes!

bluebell close beetle

I sometimes wonder if they’re appreciating their surroundings on our family walks, but they do take time out from saving the world to look around them and have even been heard to say ‘when I’m grown up and have a girlfriend I’ll bring her here to see the blossom’.  I have realised that they are actually quite good at multi tasking as when we get back from a walk they can tell their grandparents minute details of the wildlife they’ve spotted while I had thought they were too busy ‘shwooshing’ from tree to tree like Spiderman!  In fact they seem to be permanently on ‘wildlife alert’ as quite often I get made to jump by one of them calling out ‘bird of prey’ and pointing out a speck swirling miles away in the sky that is indeed a buzzard.  If I could only get them to apply this multi tasking skill at home, maybe to tidy while ‘swooshing’?

I was lucky enough to go out for a meal with two lovely friends recently when one talked about ‘eating the frog’.  It was not a phrase I’d heard before and was relieved to learn that she didn’t mean actually eating frogs! (I enjoy French cuisine but I’m not sure I’d go that far!).  She explained that she meant that if you had a frog salad on a plate in front of you that you HAD to eat, it would be no good eating the lovely salad all the while the frog watching you, getting bigger and harder to swallow, it would be better to eat the frog first and get it over with then reward yourself with the salad after.  Of course I recognised the concept, but had never heard of it as ‘eating the frog’ before.  It made me think though, and now when I make a ‘to do’ list I always try to start by ticking off the most unpleasant job first.  Now the subject of lists is worthy of a whole other post, I LOVE a list and have been known to set aside whole evenings with my sister in law to write lists and even a list of lists I need to make! but for now I’ll drag myself from the subject of lists, back to those frogs…I have been meaning for some time to write a short piece of info on each of the treatments I offer my clients for them to take away and read.  This was one big frog and this week I have finally eaten him and written the first three.  It was a good exercise as it made me really think about each treatment and the background, benefits, and methods involved.  Now I’m going to go and eat another frog (but this one is quite pleasant really), I’m revising ready for the last lesson in my Reiki level two course which is on Sunday.  I’m really enjoying learning this healing method and can’t wait to include it in my treatments.

Happy spring days to you all xx

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