Hap-Pea Memories and Shrinking Shorts!

I have finally found some will power and have got myself back on track with eating healthily.  I’ve been eating smaller portions and filling up on fruit and veg.   I gave my Mum a Reiki treatment this morning and in return she gave me some peas from her garden.  I LOVE peas fresh from the pod when they’ve just been picked.  They taste so good and take me back to when I was really little and my Grandad used to let me pick them from his garden and showed me how to pop the pod.  He even posted some pods to me when we lived  further away so that I could still get my fix of peas!

Me helping Grandad in his greenhouse.
Me helping Grandad in his greenhouse.

I love how smells and tastes bring memories back for us and when it happens it reminds me how important it is to create these special memories for the future.  It’s often the small things that create the most precious memories.  I wonder when I’m old and grey what memories I’ll be visiting the most.  Perhaps pondering that question might help us to realise what  is really important to us and how we should prioritise our time?  I’m sure I won’t look back in fondness at time spent ironing!

The healthy eating is paying off and my shorts were getting very baggy and kept falling down but I’m not quite there with needing new ones yet and when I do buy new clothes I’m pretty sure the first thing I go for won’t be everyday, boring shorts however practical they are.  Rather than throw them away I have inserted elastic into the back of the waistband to make them fit again.  This is really quick and easy to do to most clothes with waistbands and I never tuck anything in (I’m naturally scruffy, even if I try it comes right out again) so the gathered part of the waistband will never be seen.  I’m going to attempt to explain how I did this as simply as possible below:

1, make sure the back part of the waistband is made from two separate sides which are not sewn together at a central seam.  You need a channel to thread elastic though.
1separate sides

2, Make small cuts on either side of the waistband on the INSIDE, I used the belt loops as a guide where to cut but allowed enough space from the loop to get the hole under the sewing machine foot.

2make cuts

3, Poke about 2 cm of one end of your elastic into the hole towards the front so that the long, trailing end is facing the back and pin the poked in end in place with a safety pin. Stitch the elastic in place with a line of stiches forward and backwards over the end that is poked in.

3insert elastic

4, use a large safety pin to help you thread the elastic all the way through the waistband and pull put the other end.7threading8all the way9out the end


5, Gather the waist in and pin the free end of elastic with a safety pin while you try on the shorts, tighten or loosen to fit and pin in place.

11fit and pin

6, Sew the end of the elastic in place with another forwards and backwards line of stitching.

 10pin and stitch

7, Once the shorts fit and the elastic is securely stitched trim the end and poke the remaining short end of elastic into the hole.


8, If you stitch backwards and forwards over and over again, moving the fabric along so you create lots of very long, thin M shapes over the holes you seal up the hole in the fabric again and using matching thread you can hardly see where the stitches are. All done, shorts that fit again!

14barely visable

13 stitch securely

I’m now finishing off this post, sitting in the garden while Harrison is having a water fight with a friend.  It’s lovely to see them laughing and hear their happy shrieks, this is the stuff treasured memories are made of.

Happy sunny days everyone!

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