Summer Holiday Fun While Getting Ready for School.

This is a little booklet I wrote and illustrated for one of my jobs, the ideas in it are aimed at children leaving preschool and going on to their first year of school (reception class/rising fives).  But I think the activities and ideas could easily be extended and modified for older children too and older children can be involved in helping their younger siblings, cousins and friends.

Scan 2

Scan 1 (2)

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My boys and I usually make some kind of list of things we want to do over the summer holidays.  We never have expensive trips and treats on the list, I think the boys understand that it would be unrealistic to expect lots of expensive days out so they don’t suggest them, also they wouldn’t want to go on a real treat day out without Daddy so we wait to see if he can take time off.   Then if they do happen its an added bonus and we appreciate them all the more. Our list is about free or low cost, fun activities to keep us entertained and little things that we’d like to learn or achieve.    This years isn’t finished yet but so far includes:

  • Make a paper mache dragon
  • Den building
  • Camp overnight with campfire and marshmallows
  • Picnics
  • Go to the beach
  • Swim in the river
  • Meet up with friends
  • Boat trip
  • Walks
  • Painting
  • Model making with clay.
  • Help at ‘Grandpa’s farm’

I may write more about our list on another post.  My personal list includes passing my last four anatomy and physiology exams and finishing my Reiki Case studies.

Today I am baking for an end of term tea and cake which is tomorrow.  It’s hard to believe that there’s less than a week until the end of term! I’m so excited about the summer holidays and I’m becoming more aware that I need to make the most of our Summer holidays while the boys still enjoy spending time with me. I love the Summer; the later bedtimes for the boys (and later rises in the morning too), the freedom to be outdoors and enjoy each others company with no pressures. The feeling that it’s all stretching ahead of us to enjoy is wonderful and I intend to enjoy every moment.

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