Where did Summer go?

Hello again world of blogging.  I’ve been away for a while but I’m getting back in the swing now.

We have such lovely summers together full of picnics, long family walks, swimming in the river, digging holes just for fun, climbing trees, making stuff, cooking and eating outdoors and socialising with friends and family without worrying about school nights.  There’s no rushing in the mornings, homework or after school clubs, just us, on our own timescale, doing our own thing and it’s bliss!

And then there’s our family holiday; our annual one fantastic week in Devon.  As usual we went in the sea every day (whatever the weather), ate out together every day, spent glorious hours climbing over rocks, searching in rock pools, playing in the waves and laughing together.  Our family holidays are always a dream, we love spending this precious time together.  Coming home is always such a wrench.

Our feet

Then the school term starts and it’s back to earth with a bump!   I usually struggle in September and as the days grow shorter and the days colder everything seems grey and dull and I just want to gather my family into our nest and hibernate until spring!  (Possibly a touch of S.A.D?). I was determined this year to change little things in our everyday lives to bring that ‘summer holiday’ feel to our family as often as possible, all year round.  It doesn’t seem right to reserve the joy to one season, our sons deserve joy every day – and so do we.  I have decided this year to try and carry Summer with me, to keep that carefree feeling of freedom and joy into the winter.  It’s difficult but I’m trying every day to do something that means ‘Summer’ to me, whether its eating a lovely, fresh salad with flavours that remind me of the beach café I love, or wearing summer colours.  I might look odd with woolly tights and boots under my summer maxi dresses, layered up with cardigans but I feel better for it!

As well as trying to cling to the things I love about summer I’m embracing the beautiful aspects of Autumn.  I love the autumn colours and seasonal foods.  There’s Samhain/Halloween and Bonfire night too.  I love a bonfire, there’s something that speaks to my soul in knowing that our ancestors have been gathering around fires to seek comfort together in the darker months for hundreds, even thousands of years before Guy Fawkes tried to blow up parliament.  I love preparations for Christmas as well! (more blogs about that to follow) I feel the same about Christmas/yule as I do about bonfires. I understand why some people don’t like the way that Christmas has become quite ‘un-Christian’ in the way that many people celebrate and that we don’t appreciate the ‘true meaning of Christmas’ any more.  I too dislike how it’s become so commercialised and there’s too much pressure to spend vast amounts on ostentatious gifts and providing the ‘perfect Christmas’.  But I also feel that us humans have been gathering together in mid-winter for generations before Christmas began.  We brought in evergreens to remind us that the earth is only sleeping during these darker times and lit fires, candles and lamps to remind us that it will be light again.  We sang songs, gave gifts and feasted together in the way that our human instincts tell us to, to help us get through difficult times.  I think many religions do this in their own ways and there are so many festivals with similar customs in many different cultures during the darker Autumn/Winter days, possibly because that’s what our instincts tell us to do: gather together, pool our resources, share, remind ourselves of our blessings and make merry.

Perhaps I don’t feel so down after all, there’s so much to look forward to!

Wishing you all a Merry Autumn xxx

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