Care free


Carefree is having the time to blow dandelion clocks and make wishes.

I was drawn to the prompt ‘Carefree’ as it is the beginning of the summer holidays, my favourite time of year, when I feel at my most carefree.

I’ve finished the mountain of paperwork that comes with my job at this time of year and we’ve made it to the end of term.  There’s no more school runs, mad dashes to the bus stop, remembering costumes, sports kits and instruments on the right day or looking for matching socks, lost bus passes or clean school jumpers.  I don’t have to spend the early mornings nagging the boys to hurry up and brush their teeth, get dressed, pack their school bag (we always have good intentions to do it the night before but that hardly ever happens) and I don’t have to yell the time frantically at my children like some kind of demented speaking clock every morning.

A whole summer holiday of relaxed days stretches ahead of us.  I have time to chat with my boys and to actually listen to them.  We can go to the river to swim, meet up with friends and family, have camp fires, go for bike rides, picnics and walks in our own time, at our own pace.  If the boys just want to dig a massive hole for the sake of it that’s fine, we can climb trees and make dens, they can just be children (and to be honest, so can I!).


Theses are the times I love most, just being with my family, relaxing and having fun together.  It’s this time of year that I appreciate most how lucky I am to have such an amazing family and when I realise I would not give up these precious summer weeks with my boys for all the money or high flying career prospects in the world.  Give me my family, sunny days and the outdoors, with no time limits or timetables and I embody the true meaning of happy and carefree.

Wishing you a carefree summer too x




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