Plugging Myself In!


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Interesting theme this one, I think we all need to stop and recharge sometimes.  Probably a lot more often than we do.  The problem is we all think we should be rushing around being busy, proving that we’re good, worthy, hardworking people; so busy being deserving of a rest that we forget to take it! It seems the pressure to achieve is so high these days, whether it’s in education or career, we put such high expectations on ourselves that we are constantly striving to get to the next goal, the next promotion, next big purchase, with the belief that each new achievement will bring happiness and contentment.

I have learnt that for me happiness and contentment is easy to attain.  I just have to stop and look around me at who I have in my life and the beautiful surroundings where I live.  I then look within, ‘plug myself into me‘, looking at what I really need in my life and I find that I already have all I need:

People who I love and love me just as I am and peace of mind that I’m doing the best I can with what I have.

That’s all I really could ask for in life and I’m so lucky to already have it.  Recharging helps me to remember that anything extra that comes into my life, things like career, belongings, popularity, even to some extent, my home (I have lived very happily in a shed in the past) are all just added bonuses that are lovely but not worth risking what really matters for.  I could never put my career over my family (and that’s not because I don’t believe in equality, it’s because for me, my family make me content.  Equality should be about every individual getting what they need, not everyone blindly following the same path as everyone else just so they can be ‘equal’, and ignoring their inner voice that tells them what they really should be doing, what would nourish their soul.  My inner voice tells me I need my family, friends, creativity and connection with the universe so that’s the path I follow). I do not value belongings over the time I spend with the people I love so I will not choose to work more hours to be able to buy more things, I’ll spend less money on stuff and more time with my family and friends.  I could never appreciate having a career where I always strived for the next big promotion or achievement as it would feel totally hollow if it wasn’t doing something that feeds my soul.  To me being creative is a necessary part of life,  I have struggled for years to justify the time I spend being creative, especially if it took time that I could be doing something more ‘productive’ with my time, or something I’m more ‘successful’ at. But I have finally reached a stage where I just accept that I need to express myself creatively to be happy and I shouldn’t need any further justification than that. Funnily enough when I reached that conclusion people started to take in interest in my paintings and I started selling them, finally having the financial justification I struggled with so much in the past – Irony? or the universe telling me that all I need to do to be ‘successful’ is to be the best, most honest and good version of myself that I can be?


To recharge I take a few moments to appreciate what I have in my life, the people I love and where I am.  It grounds me, helps me to realise what I am doing all the rushing around for and puts into perspective what’s important and what really doesn’t matter.

The other way that I recharge is to use Reiki.  I am so grateful that I found Reiki, I find I use it in so many ways in my life and one of the ways is to help me recharge when my energy feels low. It’s such a comfort to know that there’s a never ending source of pure, positive, healing energy  and I just have to ‘plug myself in’ to the universal, divine, eternal energy that is Reiki to receive all that I need.

To me recharging is all about grounding and connecting to what matters, my loved ones,the earth and the universe.



2 thoughts on “Plugging Myself In!

  1. Thank you for sharing how your introduced yourself to yourself. I am a firm believer of Self Awareness. My blog’s mission is to inspire people from all walks of life Realizr their won true self. Thank you for sharing again. You have a follower


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