Silence is a rare and special thing in my life; something I seek and appreciate.

I have a habit of turning the radio on when I’m working at home, I enjoy listening to radio plays, comedy shows, talk shows with interesting guests….

…..and then I realise that even when the show I wanted to listen to is over, I’ve left the radio on, chatting away in the background, masking my thoughts, muffling my inner voice, distracting me from the art of thinking, taking away the precious gift of silence.

That’s when I need to remind myself of the importance of being silent, how much I crave still, quiet times and that it’s ok sometimes to just be.  I find it easiest to do that outside, whether it’s a couple of sneaky moments in the garden, a long walk in the forest or beside the river.  The kind of silence that’s broken by water rippling, birds singing or the wind in the trees is ok by me.

My place for quiet contemplation.

It’s in the silence that we hear our true selves speaking, connect to our higher selves and learn to just be.

I was fortunate to spend some time with a good friend yesterday and she was telling me how she feels the need to reconnect to herself, get to know herself again, find out what she wants from the next stage in her life.  “How am I supposed to know what I want when I don’t even remember who I am?” she asked me. All I could suggest was spending time being mindful, meditating and going within.  Silence is a great place to start that inner journey.  When every other distracting noise is gone, we can start to listen to that inner voice who has been waiting patiently for us to return.

Of course there’s always an amount of chatter going on in our minds, but with practice it’s possible to switch off the invading thoughts about what to cook for dinner or whether the school uniform is dry, how you’re going to word that difficult email and how to prioritise a million things that all scream ‘URGENT’.  Eventually, when we learn to send those distracting thoughts away, spending time in silence connects us back to ourselves.  Then we can ask ourselves the important questions and trust the answers, knowing that they come from our Higher Self.

There is a time for everything: A time to be alone, still and silent, be mindful and seek within for answers and once we’ve got our answers, then is the time to break the silence, talk up and speak our truths, a time to stand up and be counted, act on our instincts and what we know to be true.

There is joy to be found in this beautiful dance between still & silence and action & voice, that’s the good bit, when you start to be your authentic self, live your truth, love and accept yourself.

Wiser people have put it much more succinctly than my ramblings:

“Your beliefs become your thoughts,

Your thoughts become your words,

Your words become your actions,

Your actions become your habits,

Your habits become your values,

Your values become your destiny”

Mahatma Gandhi.

I’m going to turn the radio off….

Namaste x

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