Taking the Leap.


The daily prompt ‘Jump’ seems quite fitting for me at the moment.  I have been wanting to take the leap and give up one of my jobs to create more time and space in my life for my holistic therapy business and painting for some time now.  The time had to be right, I had to be sure I could earn enough from my paintings and therapies to justify the change.  It’s not all about the money though, I do enjoy my other job so I had to really weigh up all the pros and cons of taking the leap.  (This is where my love of list making comes into its own!  – that’s a whole future post topic).

I spent the summer away from this job allowing me to spend more time painting which I just love.


Art is a very subjective thing so I know that not everyone will like or ‘get’ what I do but having been brave enough to put some of my paintings out there I have had some amazing feedback.  It’s lovely to know that some people like it and even better than that, they recognise that the images I create are channelled and are infused with light and healing.  I love it when people see things in my paintings that I hadn’t noticed before.  I spent a wonderful day hanging my paintings for sale in a local cafe and so enjoyed listening to people discussing them.  Each person had their own opinion on what each picture was about, they could see different things in them and each got something different from them.  Which is just as it should be.  My intention when channeling these images is for them to exist for the highest good, to speak to the soul of the viewer, so to see each person getting something unique from them, and starting conversations about their more spiritual side was so gratifying.


As I said, my paintings won’t speak to everyone and that’s ok.  When I was younger I used to feel that to share my art would be too risky as I might be hurt by criticism.  But as I’ve matured I have accepted that just as some people get me and like me as a person and other’s don’t, (which is fine and as it should be), it will be the same for the pictures I create because they are, as well as being channelled from something greater and more mysterious, an extension and expression of me.  That’s ok I don’t need every person in the world to get me, I just appreciate the ones who do and it’s the same for my paintings; I know not everyone will like or understand them, but it’s wonderful to find that some people do. That’s been such a freeing shift.  I am free to express myself and share that.  I am free to release my fears about what other people will think and enjoy the freedom of just being and expressing myself.  I am free to take the leap, make that change in my work life feeling it’s not a risk but a leap of faith.  So I handed my notice in, I’ve done it, I’ve jumped! and whether I soar and fly or come back to earth with a bump I’m determined to do it with grace and dignity and enjoy the ride.

Namaste x


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