I love candle light.  Candles can be used to celebrate birthdays, in remembrance, in celebrations and all of the festivals of light, they set the mood and create an atmosphere, they can be a representation of the element of fire or bringing in light, positive energy, and can be used to create a sacred space.

Candle magic is a lovely gentle way of ritually setting intention and marking important times.  There are many ways to use candle magic: you can anoint the candle with oils or herbs that are relevant to your need or you can write on the candle or carve into it with a pin, when the candle burns you can visualise your intentions being released to the universe.  Colours hold specific meanings for different beliefs and cultures so coloured candles can be chosen to reflect the theme of your ritual.  Your ritual can be as simple as mindfully lighting a candle and appreciating it’s light while holding positive intentions, or you can make a longer ritual full of symbolism.

Candle gazing meditation is a beautiful, simple meditation where you stare at a candle flame as you meditate.  It takes practice to still your mind but having something to stare at can help to you focus and giving your brain something to do can help it to stop or at least slow down those distracting thoughts.

I light a candle before I start to paint as a symbol of working within the light, welcoming in light, positive energy and to create a sacred space within which I feel safe and able to truly commit to what I am creating.  Having a ritual before you start to work also helps you get in the mindset, align your thoughts and energy with your intentions and gets you ‘in the zone’.

A lovely, warm, soothing bath lit by candles is a wonderful way to nurture yourself after a long, tough day, as a celebration, or to share with a special someone.

I’ve always thought the best part of power cuts is the candle light but until I saw the daily prompt ‘candle’ and I started to think about all the ways I use candles that I realised how much I appreciate them.

May you always be bathed in gentle light,

Namaste x




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