Pondering the subject ‘Trust’ it occurs to me that the most important person to trust is yourself.  If you are truly in tune with your self and listen to your Higher Self you can go within and ask for guidance, inspiration, direction, your own truth and divine wisdom.  Asking is all very well and good but you also have to trust the answers you recieve and trust them to the extent that you act on it, live it out.  To do so means you are living in harmony with your soul and your true purpose.

This subject reminds me of some words I channeled a while ago so I’ve just looked back in my notebook and found the following words that I wrote on 30th August….

It is often said that we should ‘trust our gut’, and that is true but if you can’t in all good faith act on your instincts, or you do and that action doesn’t serve your highest good, you need to examine why.  Did the answer really come from your inner, most divine self, or was it your ego speaking?  Or is your initial reaction to something not really your natural instinct but a learnt reaction based on a past experience?

Reactions that don’t serve you for the highest good may be repeated patterns, learnt behaviour, habitual reactions that we have learnt to use as a protection from a past, present or perceived pain.  If our quickest reaction to a situation always leads us down the wrong path or into negativity or anything that is not for the highest good, we need to stop, take a moment to look inwards and search for our true answer.  Listen to our highest self and act with grace on that.

Gut reactions that are not for our highest good are created when the human experience has made us forget how to act together with our soul, we have lost connection.  Taking time to reconnect through meditation, thinking, being in nature, being mindful and aware.  Reconnecting will help the human body that our soul is living in to have the appropriate reactions and instincts that will serve our highest good and feed our soul, setting us on the right direction on our soul path.

I channeled a similar message in this painting.


‘With You’  – “Trust your intuition. Trust that we are with you.  By honouring and following your instincts you will lead the way.  By welcoming and acting upon inspiration you become inspiring to others.”  Words and painting channeled by Steph 2015

Namaste x

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