I can only be my authentic self, that is all I have to offer the world, all I came here with and all I will take away with me.  I appreciate sincerity and authenticity in others, true and sacred connections can be made when we share our true selves with each other.

It can take courage to be without pretence, to remove the mask and feel bare and exposed. But if you do that you know that the reactions from, and interactions with, others are true and honest.  Peace of mind comes from living in sincerity.

Purpose and Joy

Living out our true purpose with sincerity, grace and dignity is a high ideal but one that surely brings peace and joy.  If each person on earth were to seek inside for their most sincere, authentic truth and embody that, acting on it for the highest good, what would the world look like?

I believe sincerity of intent serves well.

Mean well, do well, be well.

Yours sincerely from me to you,

Namaste x

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