Relish and Gratitude.


As I understand it, to relish something is to enjoy and take pleasure in it, a pleasant flavour, or a kind of spicy food accompaniment – ooh that reminds me – I have an amazing chutney recipe which I make at this time of year and I only have half a jar left.  It’s about time I made some more (recipe to follow soon).

Food distractions aside, as I was saying, to relish is to enjoy and take pleasure.  I like to relish life, to put my own flavour into it and to take the time to enjoy the small moments that bring so much joy and lift my day.

What have I been lucky enough to relish today?

The joy of waking up naturally with no alarm, next to my husband.

The rush of love as I peeked into the boys room to see them huddled under the covers reading and giggling.

A few moments alone to enjoy that first cup of herbal tea and a slice of toast with butter and homemade plum jam.

Being outdoors on a beautiful Autumn day with a walk to the park and the absolute hilarity that me trying to play ‘headers and volleys’ brings to the rest of the family (honestly who wants to offer their head up to be walloped by a hard, cold, wet ball?- that bit I did not relish!!), but the laughter caused by me dodging it was definitely worth it!

A power cut giving us the opportunity to enjoy candlelight.

Giving a Reiki treatment to a dear friend.

Sitting here with the opportunity and freedom to express myself, while I can hear the laughter of the boys and their Dad upstairs.

I really am so lucky to have all this joy in my life, I am humbly and eternally grateful.

A while back there was a trend on Facebook for people to nominate each other to list three things they were grateful for each day for a week.  I think I might make a point of thinking of three things last thing at night before I go to sleep, why limit it to a week? in fact why limit it to three?  Gratitude is such a peaceful and joyful state to be in.

Thinking of all the good things in our life makes us feel lucky and blessed and it puts a positive spin on our thoughts.  It’s easy to fall into the habit of focussing on the things we haven’t got or haven’t achieved but this gets us down and projects neediness and dissatisfaction.  Whatever we project out to the universe is reflected back to us so this negativity does not help us to attract good things.  Bringing our thoughts and awareness to the things we do have and have achieved, the things that give us joy and the moments we relish, realigns our thoughts with gratitude and positivity.  Projecting joy and acceptance raises our vibration and attracts more good things in abundance.

Whatever you are doing today,  my wish for you is that you do it with relish, put your own unique flavour into it and have the time to enjoy the little things that matter.

Namaste x

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