There is always another way, an alternative. If where you are and what you are doing is not making you happy, not bringing you peace of mind and not working for you, you could stay where you are and keep doing that. . .  or. . .

. . . you could look at the world from a different angle, try something new, research something you don’t now about, have a new experience, think outside the box, dance a new dance, sing a new song, meet new people, learn something new, let go of old outdated thoughts and habits that don’t work any more, take just one small step in a new direction.

It might be a bit scary, or a lot scary, but what’s the worse that can happen? you don’t like it? you decide it’s not for you, chalk it up to experience and you move on.  Life does not stay the same, things change and so do we, what we need, enjoy and want in our life changes and that’s ok.  Yes  the familiar is safe but does it still work you you?

when something that we use in our everyday life, like for example, our phone, doesn’t work any more, we get a new one.  So why, when our job, career, relationship, location, mindset doesn’t work for us anymore, do we cling to it for so long?  Safety? security? familiarity?  But what are we missing out on? Joy? growth? fulfilment?

‘or’ – a tiny word but so full of possibility.

Never feel like you’re trapped and have no other option, you are not destined to stay in a situation that makes you unhappy, there is always an or. . .

Archangel Jophiel

More of my paintings are at http://www.angelichands.biz/gallery
Namaste x

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