Message to our children – Ripping the plaster off.

Super moon meditation: message to our children.
You know what it’s like if you keep a plaster on a wound too long and it goes a bit wrinkly, gooey and smelly under there? Then someone tells you to take it off and get some air to it. When you take it off it can be a bit painful but once the wound has been exposed to the light and air for just a little while it starts to heal. Then other people might notice your wound and ask how you did it? does it hurt? and even suggest ways to make it better and stop it from happening again, it makes you feel better to feel that someone has noticed your wound and cares about it doesn’t it? That is what is happening to our world. Sometimes it seems that there is so much division, bitterness and hatred in our world and that can feel scary. But know that this is simply a process of ripping off the plaster, exposing these wounds so that we can ask ‘how did that happen?’, how does it feel?’, ‘what can we do to make it better and stop it from happening again? uncovering the human races wounds to light and air is the only way to begin to heal them. Sleep soundly little ones, we’re just taking the plaster off and it stings a bit but this is part of the healing process. You don’t need to worry, just by being here, shining your beautiful light you inspire the world to heal itself, and move into greater balance, harmony and peace. Sleep soundly and wake up refreshed and ready to rise and shine. xxx

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