What is Sacred?


What is sacred to me?

My first thoughts fly to my family and friends, and they are to me, sacred.  But what does the word actually mean? Looking it up I am reminded that it is ‘connected with God or a god or dedicated to a religious purpose and so deserving veneration.’

Ok so this brings me to my very personal and until now private issue with the way the  name ‘God’ is perceived.  I have never before shared my thoughts on religion even though my posts often have a spiritual slant.  At church, school and sunday school I was taught that the Christian God is omnipotent.  which to me, means not just being everywhere and seeing all but being everything and being all.  So then in my logic (which is personal to me), I think of the divine as both Male and Female, not just human but all creatures, plants and trees, the tides, the sun, moon and stars, the force that makes seeds germinate and the world spin.  Yes there is a scientific explanation for those things that is very real but omnipotence means that science is God too.  Personally I feel that to see God as a male figure who sits on judgement and excludes half the human race for their beliefs is kind of missing the point of a Divine that is omnipotent,  all powerful, all knowing and all loving.  I prefer the word ‘Divine’ to ‘God’ as is is more all encompassing in my mind.  Religions that are patriarchal and hierarchal feel like they are exclusive and put certain people above others which, if you believe in omnipotence makes no sense as an omnipotent Divine is all people, all sexes, all religions, cultures, skin colours, all of everything.  I personally find the use of ‘He’ and ‘His’ and ‘Him’ in relation to God is too narrow, projecting our personal values onto the Divine, making the Divine out to be as limited as we are, when the Divine is actually (to me), all of life and so much bigger than we can get our heads round, all encompassing and infinite.  Personally, my faith is to understand that I will never be able to comprehend the vastness and greatness of the Divine, so my job as a human is not to struggle to try, but to do the best I can with the knowledge that I do have.  What do I actually know about Life from looking at it, feeling and experiencing it for myself? (without being told by someone else and blindly believing them just because they have a status within an organised religion).  I know that Life comes in many forms and human is just one of them, I know that it flourishes in the most diverse ways and difficult places, I notice that life has cycles; the seasons, day and night, tides, the menstrual cycle that means that the human race can continue.  There are often dual aspects that create balance, like male and female and night and day.   I see light and dark and purpose and reason for both, I see a rich variety of life in the animals, birds, fish and insects as well as plants and trees.  There are all kinds of weather and elements like fire and water.  I can see that everything is interconnected and interrelated. Life is bounteous, abundant and beautiful. What can I do with this knowledge?   All I can do is be grateful to be part of it and to be able to enjoy it, to flow with the cycles, appreciate the seasons, love the diversity, not just the types of creatures, but the types of people too, why hate someone just because they are different? they’re part of this great existence just like I am and their presence makes the experience all the richer.  I feel that the best way I can honour the Divine is to acknowledge the great richness of life and to respect and care for it.

So after contemplating what is sacred to me I think I can say that it is all of life and creation is sacred to me.

All of this is my personal view, religion and spirituality is a very personal thing.  I don’t believe that any single person’s view is more or less valid than another, it’s fabulous that we’re all different and I respect your beliefs.  It’s not what we believe that matters, it’s how we live together that effects us all.  I wish for you peace, and joy in whatever is sacred to you.


Namaste x

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