Seasons Greetings and Heartfelt Wishes.

Whatever you celebrate at this time of year it’s more than likely has valuing the good, light, kind, side of life at it’s heart.  I’ve seen a bit of controversy online about what to say to others so as not to offend them because around this time of year there are so many religious and cultural festivals and celebrations.  I can see similarities in them all and find the differences interesting; diversity is a rich and beautiful part of life.  Differences don’t scare or offend me.  Personally I don’t mind what people say to me as long as the intention behind it is positive and I’d hope that other people wouldn’t take offence at what greeting I give them, knowing that I am just giving them my heartfelt best wishes.

So to you you and yours I wish happiness, health and joy and every other good thing.  For our planet I wish for peace, harmony, balance and bounteous, abundant and healthy life.

Namaste x

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