Clearing some inner space.


At the beginning of the new year I like to spend a bit of time clearing and reorganising the house and my mind.  I can’t wait until 12th night to get rid of the Christmas tree, holly and ivy from the house, sweep up the pine needles and refresh the house with a quick spring clean (very quick, this is me we’re talking about!)

I’ve written in another blog all about my Christmas Tree dilemma, here.

I like to burn the Holly and Ivy that we’ve used as decoration in our home (it’s great for starting fires, burns really well).  As I do so I think about all the fun, love and laughter that the leaves have witnessed and absorbed over the festive season and hold the intention that this positive energy is carried in the smoke to be used by the universe for the highest good.

I know it’s not spring yet but the lighter days are returning and I’m really looking forward to the warmth and new growth of spring.    Once the Yule, Christmas and New Years celebrations are over I’m excited for the new year and what it has to bring and I’m ready to clear out the old and make space to start afresh.

I do a similar thing with my mind, I spent a bit of time writing down how I feel, physically, emotionally, mentally, spiritually and about my work, I found it really helped me to see what I need to stop/change/focus on this year.  It has enabled me to start the New Year with some inner peace, feeling calm and centred.  Leaving behind habits, and ways of thinking that no longer serve me creates space for change and open to new experiences, ideas and opportunities, giving me a feeling of hope and excitement for what is to come in 2107.

Welcoming the sun as the brighter days return, capturing it’s light through a hag stone.

This year instead of making any New Years resolutions I’m taking part in a 31 day Feel Good Challenge, which is totally free and all about increasing your wellbeing by introducing simple, easy to achieve activities into your daily routine. If you fancy having a go sign up here.  It’s not too late, any 31 days will work, I’m thinking of carrying it on all year, or at least doing it again later in the year when I need a boost.

I hope that the new year brings you health and happiness, peace and balance.




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