Recycled, re-imagined, re-loved.

I found these old wooden crates in a local garden centre, going cheap.  They were a bit grubby, and tatty, a little wonky and Uneven, but I liked them and had ideas…….

I hosed them down and gave them a good scrub and a quick rub with sandpaper.

I added a paint wash to one with some paint I found in the garage then applied a layer of paper to the base to create a tray for carrying mugs of tea.  I gave this to my Mum as a gift when she was starting a building project and would be needing to carry lots of Mugs of tea to the contractors.  It turned out like this:

The other one waited in the garage for more inspiration to hit.  When was looking around for something to use for a special project I rediscovered it and made it into an altar for my bedroom.

I applied a paint wash and glued some dolly pegs onto the holes and screwed some hooks in to hang things on.IMG_5989.jpg

 I was really pleased with how this turned out and I use it to display crystals, cards and other treasures that I sometimes like to focus on in meditation.

I love saving rough, uneven, unwanted old things from going into landfill and re-purposing and re-loving them.

Namaste x

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