To Hold On Or Let Go?

Sometimes it’s hard to work out whether to Cling to an idea/belief/relationship/dream or if it’s time to let it go.  We are encouraged to never give up, to keep believing and ‘stick to our guns’ but what if that idea is old and outdated? what if that belief holds us back?  Often what we think are our most desired dreams will not actually serve us for the highest good or make us happy and fulfilled.  Sometimes no matter how much we want something, push for it, and work at it, it’s not meant to be.  When this happens there is probably something different, more suitable and even more rewarding waiting for us if only we can let go of that old idea and make space in our minds and lives for new, exciting things to come in.

Maybe if things aren’t working out how we had hoped, it could be time to review what we were aiming for, what we are clinging to, and decide if it really is for the best or if there could be something better out there.

There are times when you just know in your gut that you need to cling on, hang in there because you really feel that it will be ok.  Then you trust your gut and ride it out.  Thats a tricky thing; knowing if we are using our intuition or kidding ourselves because it’s easier than moving on.  I suppose experience is the only way to learn that.

Letting go can be really hard, there are techniques to help: visualising the situation in a bubble floating away from you can really help.  Thank it for it’s presence in your life and what it taught you, then say goodbye and release it.  Another good way is to write it down and burn it (safely).  Releasing like this can be such a freeing experience and leaves a space within us.  I used to be scared of these spaces and feel exposed and lacking.  However through experience I have found that being comfortable with space, and not knowing what will happen next leaves you open to new opportunities.  Often things that had never occurred to me come into my life, turning out to be far better than the ideals that I could have been clinging to.

I write down what I want to let go and burn it, with the intention that it is released with love and gratitude and that the energy I gave that idea can be used for the highest good by the universe.

I used to panic that maybe I would one day let something go that I really should have hung on to.  In a physical sense as well as a mental/emotional one – what if I clear out all that clutter then need something from it the very next day? (I’m still a bit of a hoarder but I have made a resolution to use/recycle as much of the stuff that I have saved because it ‘might be useful one day’ as possible – If I’ve kept it, its my responsibility it make it useful, or chuck it out!).  I try to reassure myself that if something is really meant to be in my life it will be in the end.  If I am meant to have something, do something or be something then the opportunities will keep arising, I just need to be open to them, alert to the signs and synchronicities that life throws at us.

It’s a similar process with the people in my life that I have had to let go; I have thanked them for their love and lessons (which I still cling to more here) and then let them go.  This does not necessarily relieve the grief but it does help me to feel at peace with the loss, free to grieve for the actual person without anger or resentment about their loss.  Grief is a very personal thing, and everyone deals with it differently, but I’ve found that having an almost ritual ‘letting go’ has helped me.  This can be by throwing flowers into moving water and watching them drift away or burning a letter to them and watching the smoke blow away.  I know some people like to release a balloon or one of those sky lanterns but they are not for me because of their environmental impact.  When my Nana died my Mum, Brother and I all made our own flower arrangements for her using the flowers, wheat, oak leaves, berries etc that we associated with her.  The three arrangements were placed on her coffin and cremated with her.  It was a great focus of energy that I wouldn’t have known what else to do with.  We all agreed that we didn’t want to keep the funeral flowers and watch them fade, it felt right to us to let them go with her.   It was a very moving and meaningful act, our last gesture to her.


I wish you joy in clinging to the good stuff, letting go of the rest and creating space for wonderful things to happen.

Namaste x


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