Your party.

Don’t wait for an Invitation to turn up to your life, this is your party.  You say what goes, you decide who’s welcome, you get to pick the soundtrack and the snacks, the theme and the dress code.  Your party is what you make it, make it the best party ever.

If you love welly boots and tutu’s wear them, if you love eating tomatoes dipped in chocolate spread go for it, if your idea of a good time is standing on your head and singing then get upside down.  As long as you’re not hurting anyone or yourself, do what makes you happy.  You could sit around waiting for life to be good, or working yourself to illness striving to achieve it, and be so busy waiting for what you imagine the perfect life to be, that you miss the good stuff.

I have often found that the best parties are the ones with no invitation.  The best times often just happen when you’re with your favourite people, at your favourite place, doing what makes you happy.


These are some of the most precious moments of my life, they didn’t take a lot of money or organising, they just happened and I grabbed them and enjoyed them.  Of course there’s been the messy, stressy times too, but why focus on that when there’s so much joy to be remembered, and the darkness of the not so good times just makes the great times shine so much brighter in relief.

Namaste x


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