Finding your Centre.

With a busy lifestyle our minds are often running over with thoughts; things to remember, to do lists, worries about our family, finances, work etc. go through our minds all the time.  It can be so easy to loose ourselves in all that ‘brain clutter’ which is why it’s so important to Centre and ground ourselves.  We need to spend time without distraction of technology and social media to just be ourselves; to try to clear our minds of all of that external stuff.  Going within to focus on that inner core, the essence of our self is so important. It helps us  to get to know ourselves, to be authentic, be true to ourselves, after all,  if everything else were to be lost, that’s all we’d have.

My favourite ways to reconnect with my centre are: meditation, mindfulness, activities like art, being creative, listening to or creating music, yoga, walking and being in nature.




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