Mother’s Day

It is my wish this Mother’s Day that the feminine energy in everyone is valued and respected.  Not just in Mothers but within everyone from children to bankers, teachers to farmers, artists to politicians and every walk of life on our planet.  That feminine qualities (in both sexes) are recognised as an important part of our existence.  That the Mother Instinct be seen as vital to our human life and valued as such.  That compassion, caring and nurturing are bought to all aspects of human existence on earth – in politics, education, business, food production, medicine, industry… to bring balance and harmony to our Mother Earth.

It is my hope that women will be valued as the important, necessary, life giving, beautiful beings they are, even when standing in their whole and true feminine power, not just when they are squashing their feminine, cyclical instincts and taking on the masculine aspects in order to be successful.  Our planet and all life on it needs a balance of Masculine and Feminine energies in order to be in harmony and at peace.

We need the force, ambition and direction of the masculine and we need the caring, compassionate and cyclical qualities of the feminine.  Together in harmony they will help us move forward in strength, consideration and wisdom, in ways that won’t harm our planet and will create peace among us.

My wish for you is that you feel the love and peace of the divine feminine with and within you and hear the call of our Mother Earth.IMG_6739

Namaste x

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