As a Reiki Practitioner and Holistic Therapist I can’t let this prompt go by without a response.

Reiki has been a catalyst for huge positive change in my life.  With regular practice of channelling Reiki, self healing, meditating and focussing on it’s positive principles Reiki’s gentle power touches every area of my life.

Since embracing Reiki I have changed job to one that I love and find fulfilling.  I have found that I am able to let things go that might have previously affected my happiness and I really appreciate the little things that make life special.  The right people have come into my life at the right times, synchronicity is a joyous and frequent aspect of my life, and love, friendship, support, happiness, ideas and opportunities flow.

Although I am a Reiki Channel and people experience healing through my treatments, I hesitate to call myself a Reiki ‘Healer’.  The Reiki energy does not come from me but flows through me.  The recipient receives the energy but it is up to them to use it to heal themselves.  They don’t have to do anything special as this is usually a subconscious process that comes about through an open, positive mind set, letting Reiki do it’s thing.  As such I am not a ‘healer’ but the conduit though which people can access healing energy.


As a Reiki Master I am thrilled to be able to teach and empower others.  It’s so rewarding to watch people discover the positive power of Reiki and experience the benefits for themselves.


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