‘A Different Kind of Relaxing.’

This year we decided our boys were old enough to do the walking holiday we had often talked about, so just before Easter we went to Derbyshire.  It was a wonderful week of big skies, long walks, and huge hills – at times the walking was more like Climbing!


We enjoyed the solitude and beauty of the landscape, revelling in the time together with no intrusions.  During the day we would enjoy long walks, visit interesting places and went down a couple of the caves, then in the evening we played cards and listened to music.

In true English fashion we commented on the weather many times a day.  It’s hard not to  as it changes from sunny to cloudy, misty to clear, windy to calm and back again, each moment like a different season.  We were lucky not to have any rain at all but there was dampness in the air at times, too small to be rain, too big to be mist, (Mizzling I believe they call it in some parts).


Walking along we chatted about everything and nothing, deep and meaningful conversations and comfortable silences broken up by the usual lighthearted family daftness.

On the last night, over a meal in the Pub we were talking about how different this holiday was to our normal summer holiday (for the past 6 years we have gone to Devon for a holiday mostly spent in the sea).  My husband asked the boys what they had learnt this holiday.  Our ten year old said that he had not been sure about having to go on long walks every day as it sounded exhausting but he had learnt that “Walking is a different kind of relaxing.”   He was right, we felt we truly deserved our restful evenings and hearty meals and had gone to bed every night tired out from the days walking but also with our minds completely refreshed from the stunning views and interesting places.

Of course we have our moments of tension but at the heart of it, we each know that our family is our sanctuary; we are home to each other. As our boys are getting close to beginning the process of Climbing out of the nest, these precious times we spend together are becoming more important, more special and help to remind us all what’s important in life.

I wish you all the space to be free, the freedom to be yourself and people to love you as you are.



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