Pondering on the word Harmony  I came up with a list of what harmony means to me; sort of ideals to live up to:

Having balance in my life between the spiritual and the earthly.

Putting in effort to serve others and be a decent human being and having the freedom to be my true self.

Loving and being loved.

The security in the status quo and the thrill of challenges that push me forward.

Balancing work and fun.

Knowing when to get involved and when to butt out.

Letting go and being open to receive.

Recognising that everything has it’s time and place and every experience serves a purpose.

Accepting that some people come and go whereas some are constant.

Acknowledging that I can’t change everything that I don’t like but finding ways to be positive about it.

Having grace and dignity but not take myself too seriously.

Being happy with my lot and also striving to better myself.

Being able to live along side others who are different and respecting them and their right to be who they are whilst being true to myself.

Peace of mind that I’ve done my best and looking at how I could have done better.

Being able to forgive and move on but not be taken for a fool twice.

Learning from my mistakes and forgiving myself for them.

Being able to ‘live and let live.’

Finding Joy in the small things and facing up to the big things.

Accepting that perfection is over rated and happiness is not.

Knowing when to speak my mind and when to keep quiet.

Giving and receiving friendship, love, energy, time, attention, money, (It all flows and I find harmony in letting everything flow both ways).

An idyllic list but something to aim for!

One of the ways I find harmony in my life is to be creative.  Allowing myself the time and space to express myself creatively balances perfectly with the time and attention I give out as a Mother, Wife, Daughter, Friend, and Practitioner.  It makes me more whole and rounded.

I wish you harmony and joy.


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