I have been asked to expand on the grounding visualisation that I mentioned in my last post Roots and Wings. So I am going to list below some simple steps to help you carry out a grounding visualisation.

This is a great way to start and end your day so you might consider doing it as soon as you wake in the morning while you are still in bed, and last thing at night when you go to bed.  (I sometimes fall asleep while I’m doing a visualisation or meditation but I don’t think that matters too much as I am drifting off with my mind in a good place and the positive intentions I have are still there).  Some people do this visualisation while they are brushing their teeth as it’s a good reminder at the start and end of the day.

Firstly the short version where you just visualise your roots in the earth (ideal for when you don’t have long but want to feel grounded:

1, Take a few deep breaths and close your eyes relax your body and try to clear your mind.

2, Take your attention to the soles of your feet and visualise roots growing from the centre of your feet and pushing into the earth.

3, See your roots spreading and growing deep into the earth.  Depending on your preferences and how much time you have you can imagine your roots entwining with a strong and steady tree (Oak is a good one but you can look up the metaphysical symbolism of trees and choose one to suit any situations that you may be dealing with). Or you could see your roots wrapping around a rock or any type of crystal that means something to you (again you can look up the associations of various crystals and choose a relevant one).

4, If you have time you can also see if you can sense or visualise the energy of the earth rising up through your roots and entering your body through your feet, up your legs and spreading throughout your body.   If you begin by imagining this happening you may soon find that you can actually feel the energy fizzing and bubbling through you.

5, Stay with this flow of energy for as long as you like (or have time for), then take a moment to thank the earth for this energy as you draw your roots back up into your feet.

6, Take a deep breath and open your eyes.

The longer mediation that I like to do can take as long as you’d like it to but ideally you need at least 10 minutes to be able to enjoy it.  I have done it for an hour or so, depending on my need/mood/time constraints I’ll describe it in steps below:

1, Make yourself comfortable and close your eyes, take a few deep breaths and relax.  Try to clear your mind.

2, Visualise your roots growing from your feet into the earth as before and energy flowing up into your body through your feet.  Picture it filling every part of your body.

3, Visualise your crown chakra on the top of your head opening up.  It can help to imagine it as a flower with it’s petals opening up.

4, See a stream of brilliant white light coming from above and flowing into your crown and filling your body with healing light as it goes.  (you can see this energy as coming from whatever deity you like, from the universe or just from above you).

5, Now your body is full of a swirling combination of these energies and it shines out of your physical body, filling your aura with beautiful light.  Take a few deep breaths and enjoy this state.

6,  Begin to send this energy out of the top of your head and back to where it came from with gratitude.  I like to use this opportunity to send out positive thoughts with the energy into the universe/to the divine, either focussing on a particular issue or just with general good wishes for the highest good of all.

7, Also send the energy out of your feet and into the earth with gratitude.  I use this opportunity to send positive thoughts to all life on earth, sometimes I focus on a specific issue or cause and I focus on sending healing love to humanity to create Peace among us or to take better care of the planet etc. or I just send healing for the highest good of all life on earth.

8, You can stay in this state for as long as you wish, some days it’s easier to focus than others and sometimes you have more time.

9, Gently stop the flow of energy then visualise your roots drawing back up into your feet and your crown chakra closing up.

10, Take a few deep breaths and open your eyes.

I hope this is clear (it’s getting late and I’m a bit tired!), please let me know if you have any questions and I’ll do my best to answer.  I’ve also just thought that Protection is another useful visualisation and is quite often done with grounding so I’ll post about that soon.



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