Roots and Wings.

This Spring Angel Tree energy came through a a while back to remind us of the importance of growing Roots and wings. IMG_7059

Grounding by visualising roots coming from your feet into the earth is an important daily exercise.  It really helps you come back down to earth after meditating or giving Reiki.  It also helps you to centre yourself when you’re immersed in work, especially if you spend a lot of time on screens or giving a lot of your personal attention to others.  Take a few minutes to breathe, close your eyes and visualise roots growing out of your feet, deep into the earth.  You can also visualise them wrapping around tree roots, rocks or crystals.  I like to feel energy from the earth coming up through my roots and feel it revitalising me.

During a meditation I like to open my crown chakra and feet chakras and feel divine energy from above enter my head and the energy from Mother earth enter my feet, experiencing them mingling them together in my body.  I then send that combined energy back down the roots and out of my head with the intention of sending healing energy into Mother Earth and out to the Universe.  This is a simple meditation that does not take long but leaves me feeling refreshed and reconnected, held in my perfect place between the spiritual, divine, universal energy above and the grounding, nurturing Energy below.

In my experience, just as children use their primary care giver as the secure base from which to explore and learn I find having those roots deep in Mother Earth gives me the grounding, enrichment and security of belonging that is needed to grow, develop and  spread my wings.

Wishing you joy in both the exhilarating freedom of flying and the calming comfort of being grounded.



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