We’re all in this together, lets help each other out.


My message to the world today is:

“We are one big Earth Family, we are here to raise each other up”

We come across people and incidents that try our patience every day: that person who is being awkward or that grumpy person on the cash desk, the guy who barged past you in the street, the driver who cut you up, the woman who didn’t understand you on the phone, your child who wants to put their shoes on but takes forever….

Take a deep breath, remember they have their own issues, they’re having a hard day, are trying to keep their patience, they are learning something, coping with loss, struggling with their health, they’re late for something important because they stopped to listen to a loved one who was upset….

How would you react if that was your mother/father/brother/sister/child?  You might be more likely to show them patience, respect and compassion.

If you think of the human race as one big family it’s easier to take a deep breath, smile at them and be grateful that you have the grace and patience to let the stress they caused you go and wish them well.

We are here for such a short time on this beautiful planet, why waste our precious time being angry at others which makes us feel bad, when we can be kind, feel good and spread positivity.

My boys and their little cousin learning to collaborate through play.

I wish you peace of mind and heart and I hope you have the time and space to play.


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