This morning I enjoyed a cup of Lemon Balm ‘tea’ – basically hot water infused with Lemon Balm from my garden.  So simple but really uplifting and refreshing.  It reminds me of that beautiful fresh sense of light, and the incredible earthy smell at dawn after a stormy night.

I like to make herbal infusions for the pleasant taste and as remedies for various ailments.  There are commonly known herbal remedies like mint for digestion problems and chamomile to calm the nerves, but there are lots of other interesting uses for herbs and spices.  I have a quite a few books on the subject and enjoy trying things out and experimenting.

This is a tasty remedy for a cold, it really soothes a sore throat.  It’s apple juice infused with citrus fruits and spices,  it tastes quite festive and could be enhanced with a tot of your favourite spirit,  (I like Brandy).

When I make a herbal infusion for myself or for others I focus on my intention of healing, and imbue the drink with positive healing thoughts and Reiki.

Even if you aren’t trained in Reiki, thinking positive thoughts and directing them into a herbal drink for yourself or someone else can’t do any harm.  Try to clear your mind and focus your positive intention into the infusion.  Visualising the positive thoughts coming out of your hands and into the drink can help.

I’ve mentioned before here how I like to infuse my baking with Reiki energy and loving thoughts, I find lighting a candle while I bake a lovely symbol of this and it acts as a physical reminder too.

I aim to infuse my paintings and crafts with love and happiness with the intention that they bring something good with them, like joy, calm, acceptance or healing.

Focusing positive intention into anything can make a beneficial difference.  For example, regularly focussing on an image of yourself being happy at work can help to make your work situation more enjoyable.  Even if it just helps to get you into a more positive frame of mind.  If there is something you really want to bring into your life, try creating an affirmation about it and repeating it often, infusing the words with positive imagery, thoughts and feelings about what it will feel like to achieve that goal.  Affirmations must be positive and talk about the situation as if it is already real.  Saying ‘I want more money’ will just leave you feeling that you don’t have enough, whereas saying ‘I am grateful for all my opportunities to bring money into my life’ will help you to be alert to those opportunities and gratitude is a very positive mindset so will help you to feel positive about the situation.  Repeating ‘I am grateful, I am abundant, I am happy’ is another really positive spin on the situation.  Projecting positive thoughts not only makes you feel more positive internally but also reflects positivity back to you in your life.  So infusing everything you do with happy, grateful, kind, optimistic, loving energy will make every experience all the better and life happier.

Whatever you are doing today I hope your day is infused with joy.


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