Wishing you Peace.

One of the things I love about Reiki is that the healing energy can be sent through all time and space.  I am taking time each day to send positive, thoughts of peace, compassion, tolerance, understanding and respect to the whole planet.


Looked at from this Distant angle, we are all creatures clinging to a rock that is hurtling through space, none of us know for  sure why, how or what happens next,  Some of us have beliefs about it that help us get through and some don’t.  Those beliefs shouldn’t separate us or cause hatred and violence.  Nor should any other aspect in which we differ from others: gender, skin colour, body size etc. etc.

Please spend a couple of seconds today sending out healing thoughts for all of humanity and all life on Earth.  It might sound ‘airy fairy’ and like it won’t make a difference but imagine what the world would look like if every single person did that every day.  If every person put love over hate, despite their differences and beliefs we wouldn’t have to fear for our children or lose anyone to hatred.

Wherever you are, whatever your beliefs, I wish you peace.


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