A Bit of Floral Frivolity.

Sometimes you need a moment to look away from the difficult things in life, at something beautiful.  It lightens your mood and reminds you that there is beauty in the world, it’s all about achieving balance.  Being in nature does that for me, the night before last I had had enough of all of the stuff in the media at the moment, as much as I care about it, I needed a break.  So I went outside in the dark and stood in the rain, letting the droplets wash the icky, negative energy from me.  I twirled around and shook out my arms and legs to clear and refresh my aura.  I felt so much better, energised, uplifted.  (I  don’t think my neighbours were watching but they probably think I’m a compete loon anyway!)

Flowers can give you a breath of fresh air (literally when they are on a plant that is giving out oxygen for us to breath!) but when you can’t get (or don’t want to pick) real ones a fabric one will do.

We went to a friends wedding a while ago and I found the perfect dress to wear that only needed a little alteration to make it fit perfectly.  It was black with little yellow flowers on it.  The main reason I liked the dress so much is that I could wear my favourite shoes; a golden yellow pair that my husband bought me as a present.  I know it’s a bit shallow but I have to admit I do love a pretty pair of shoes; we all have our weaknesses and mine is shoes, the weird thing is I spend most of the time barefoot! I didn’t have a suitable matching jacket so decided on a little cardigan instead and thought adding a flower pin would make it look a bit more elegant.  I searched and searched for a matching flower, but couldn’t find the right shade of yellow anywhere.  So I rummaged in my fabric box and found a few different but complementary shades of yellow and gold which I used to make a Natty little flower with a gold button in the middle.

There are three different shades of yellow in the flower, one matches the shoes, and the others match the flowers on the dress, tying it all together.

All my fabrics were once clothes, curtains or are other people’s left overs from projects.  I like to save fabrics from going into landfill and they get re-used as and when I need them.

I didn’t take step by step photos as I was making the flower but there are loads of tutorials online.  I basically cut lots of varying sizes of petal shapes out and piled them up overlapping and a bit higgledy piggledy with the biggest at the bottom and smallest at the top and stitched through them, gathering them a bit as I went.  The button in the middle hides all the random stitches I made to keep the petals in place.  I stitched the finished flower onto a safety pin.

It’s not got the natural beauty of a real flower but wearing it makes me smile.

I hope you see something that makes you smile today.



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