Getting my Head in Order – Creatively.

I love craft and am always happy to try a new one.  I enjoy the creativity and the opportunity to concentrate on making something, clearing my mind of anything else and just focussing on the task in hand.  Craft can be a fantastic way of practising mindfulness.

A good friend and I recently went to a local craft place where we had a go at making our own mosaics.  We spent a good few hours with tea, cake, and creativity.  There were moments of silence and intense concentration as we focussed on getting our little tiles in Order, there were moments of lighthearted chatter and heartfelt conversation.  I found that I started off with good intentions for neatness and lined my tiles up nicely but they were actually off centre.  The further on I got the more relaxed I was and the more higgledy piggledy they got.  So my finished piece is a balance of order and chaos; quite a good reflection of my character really!   It was a wonderful way to spend time and a lovely balance to the rest of the day which was spent working and looking after my family.


It’s not perfect but I quite like it and I will enjoy using as a trivet in the kitchen.  It’s practical and also reminds me of a lovely few hours spent with a dear friend as well as the importance of finding balance.

I would encourage anyone to express themselves creatively in any way they can: any kind of mark making or drawing; it doesn’t have to be perfect – doodling is wonderful, colouring, painting, sewing, sticking, singing, dancing and making music, using modelling clay or embroidering.  Creating anything from fridge magnets to homemade clothes just making something – anything, is beneficial to your wellbeing.  Especially if you’re  focussed on enjoying the process more than worrying about the outcome.  It doesn’t matter if what you’ve made doesn’t look like you’d hoped, as long as you have enjoyed the process and found peace of mind doing it.

I wish you joy in expressing yourself creatively.



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