Light and Shade.

Let’s be honest, as much as it would be lovely, we don’t all feel Sunny and happy all the time.  Life throws things at us to frustrate and test us.  We have a huge capacity to love which means we feel loss keenly and its not possible to smile our way through everything.

Flipping through my photo’s recently I realised how often I take pictures at sunset, when it’s between day and night, in that neither light nor dark time.  The sun seems so much brighter in contrast to the darkening sky and everything is bathed in a beautiful glow that is so much gentler than the harsh sunlight in the middle of the day.

Maybe my need to capture that moment in a picture is a reflection of a drive to see the light in everyone, every situation, every time of sadness?

Am I drawn to the light in the dark?  Or is it the contrast of both that excites me?

I have to remind myself constantly of the need for balance; how would I appreciate the gentle light at sunset if I didn’t know the harsh light of midday or the pitch dark of midnight?   Life is not all black and white, polar opposites, we live among rays of light and shadows.

Our experiences shape us but we do get to choose our reactions to them; I choose to find good in the balance of light and shade.

Wishing you comfort in both light and shade.


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