A Walk With My Wild Side


When I think of the word ‘savage’ I think of the primitive and uncivilised.  At first the word seems to have negative connotations; who wants to be thought of in that light?

But then I thought about my savage side, the part of me that is untamed and wild.  The barefoot who walks free in nature, stares in awe at the stars and submerges herself in rivers for comfort.  Sometimes when everything in my civilised, responsible Mum, Wife, Business Owner, life is getting a bit much I need to escape to nature to restore myself.  I have to reconnect with the Wild Me who has been shut away and told to behave while the sensible Responsible Me gets on with ‘stuff’.

After a week of being efficient, helpful, capable and responsible I needed half an hour alone  barefoot in a field yesterday – blissful reconnection with Wild Me.

Maybe the secret is to marry these sides of me together so that they can walk through my life hand in hand; dealing with ‘stuff’ together. Using the primitive instinct and fiery creativity of Wild Me alongside the sensible consideration of Responsible Me might prove effective?

Something to work on….

….watch out, I’m getting my savage on!

Namaste x

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