Embracing the Inner Goddess


Our busy lifestyle quite often leads us to lose touch with our selves.  All too often juggling our responsibilities and keeping up with everything means our identity goes adrift along with our self confidence, sense of fun and ability to enjoy just being.  
This is why I have created a new massage experience unique to Angelic Hands, using tried and trusted, traditional massage techniques along with other holistic methods to help you to get back in touch with you:
My new ‘Goddess Anointing Ritual‘ encourages women to take time out to nurture their mind body and soul. This relaxing treatment is all about embracing the Inner Goddess.  
 My clients lay enrobed in a soft sarong, surrounded by the beautiful energy of crystals and soothing music, and make this offering to their Inner Goddess while I anoint their head, hands and feet with a blend of essential oils chosen for their nourishing, feminine properties and Fragrance.  
Clients enjoy the divine aroma and deep relaxation as I massage their face hands and feet using a range of traditional techniques. This ritual also incorporates Tingsha bells and Reiki energy, channelled with the intention to revitalise the mind, heal the body and uplift the soul. 
Namaste x

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