Traditionally Authentic, Authentically Traditional?


A lot of what I do has it’s roots in tradition.

The types of massage that I practice are evolved from ancient traditions in various countries, religions and cultures.  When I first started to learn these various methods I questioned whether it was authentic to me.  I felt a bit fraudulent, for example practicing Indian Head Massage when I’ve never even been to India.

This rankled with me for a while as it’s important to me to be my authentic self.  However I have continued to learn and practice these diverse traditional methods as they feel right to me.  They come naturally and make sense to me.  Why should I say no to practicing something that is wonderful and beneficial just because of where it originated?   After all, I believe and truly feel that the Human family is just that, one big family, sharing our rich heritage, bringing a myriad of experiences, beliefs and truths together.  It is up to each individual to choose their path amongst the wealth of ways of existing that we collectively create.

To get through this block I went back to what I know to be true, peeled away all judgements based on boundaries and keeping small.  I now trust my instincts and choose what I practice and incorporate into my life based on with what makes me grow and learn, speaks the highest truth to me and resonates with my highest self.   I would never dream of making judgements on what other people do based on cultural heritage so why would I impose those restrictions on myself?

So that’s my spiritual and holistic practice, what about my customs?

Most of my celebrations are around Traditional festivals.  The wheel of the year followed by many is a modern take on ancient times when we celebrated what we experienced; mainly the changing weather, seasons and harvests.  Many of the festivals we celebrate now and the ways we observe them have almost lost their original meaning and symbolism.  This is sad in a way, that old ways are lost to us.  However we are ever changing and evolving and each generation adds their own twist on things, each family has their own traditions and pass them on, with each individual interpreting them in their own way according to their beliefs and experiences.  Even when the original meanings of customs has been lost in time there is still truth in them because they have evolved with us, growing and changing as each generations truth is added to the last.

Some of my own traditions, authentic to me.

The Human race, over aeons of generations has created a really rich and diverse array of  religions, cultures, festivals, holy days, customs, and special occasions and  a multitude of fun, sacred, life affirming, spiritually, mentally and physically fulfilling ways to celebrate them.  Enough that we can all pick the ones that resonate with us and observe them in the way we see fit.  We are lucky to live in such a state, all we need to do in return for this abundant heritage is to respect others as they pick their path through beside us.  There are so many paths that can be taken through our bounteous human life it would be wasteful and disrespectful for every single person to choose the same one.  When searching, the most effective way is to spread out.  We are all here searching life experiences, lets spread out and each take a different path, we’ll cover more ground, find more treasures and learn more truths that way.  I hope we get to compare notes on the other side – and maybe we get to come back and try a different route next time?

I hope that whatever path you take and however you celebrate and honour it, that you find abundance, peace and joy in it.

Namaste x


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