Cave of the Priestess

Cave of Priestesses

Deep and dark, strong and bright,

Soul bearers,

Song singers,

Story Weavers.

Women of fire;

Sparks in the smoke,

Feet in the Earth.

Dancing life with Wisdom;

to our rhythm.

Carried you in our belly,

Nourished you at our breast,

We walk within you still,

We are the fire that inspires you.

We are the water within you;

pulled buy the moon.

We can be heard in your song,

Our beat pulses in your dance,

Our rhythm is in your blood.

The dust of our bones is your ground,

plant yourself there

and grow.

Stephanie Drane 2017

I don’t often share my channelled words but I was recently prompted to do so.




© Stephanie Drane 2017

Namaste x

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