One more voice.

I have wanted to curl up, turn my back to the world and bury my head in the sand.  I want to ignore what’s going on in the rest of the world and I’m privileged that I can.  I can turn off the news and choose not to see the ugly hatred and I’m lucky that it doesn’t reach me.  Because I have white skin so I’m not judged by my skin colour or treated differently because of it.  And I live in an area where the majority of people really couldn’t care less about race, or at least it doesn’t come up, it’s not talked about.  whether thats because it’s not an issue or because it’s under the surface I don’t know, because as I said, it doesn’t affect me.  I didn’t ask for this privilege but I have it through accident of birth.  As much as part of me would like to say ‘that’s not my fault so why should I care?’ I do care.

As much as I’d like to say It doesn’t affect me because I can switch the TV off; it does affect me.

It does affect me.  It fills me with shame, it feels icky and uncomfortable and sad.  I am bewildered by the level of hatred that people feel over something as arbitrary as skin colour.  It scares me and I want to hide from it.

That’s the honest truth, and I have tried hiding from it.  I’ve turned off the TV and not read the news but it’s still there and I still know it’s happening.  It may be thousands of miles away from me but I can still feel it.  So it’s time to Unfurl , pull my head out of it’s cosy patch of sand and speak about it.


To even write the term ‘white supremacy’ makes me feel physically sick, I am actually shaking as I write this as I just can’t fathom how humans can feel such a way about their fellow humans.  It doesn’t make sense to me.  I love the rich diversity that is the human race.  I’m interested in people; all people.  I respect and celebrate differences, they’re not a source of fear to me.  I just don’t understand how the human race can be as advanced as we are in some ways and so backwards in others and still have such ridiculous ideas about race.  We are one race; the human race.

I don’t know what I can do from my privileged corner of the world to make any change.  I blog about respecting others and talk about living and loving alongside each other as one big Human family.  But the truth is when it comes to it I don’t know what to do.  How can I make a difference?  how do you convince people with such deeply entrenched beliefs and hatred that there is another way? and how can I do it from here?

I don’t know what I can do and it feels helpless but I am adding my voice to the thousands of others who are standing up against racism, hatred and violence.

mandela Quote

I’ve always loved the Mandela Quote that Obama tweeted recently (I’m not on twitter but my husband told me), it is so true.  I have worked with children for many years and they love much more easily than they hate.  I hope that the children witnessing the hatred being exposed right now in the world will have the strength and sense to see it for what it is and will have the courage to rise above it and build a better future for the planet.  I hope that the next generation will follow their instincts and love instead of hate.

Luther King quote

I am sending out love and hoping and praying for peace and harmony for ALL people on earth.  It feels a bit pathetic to share a few quotes and talk about love in the face of something so huge and ugly and terrifying but it’s something that I can do.  It’s better than silence.  It’s one more voice.

Namaste x

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