The Womb Journey.


I have a very clear memory of having a sudden realisation at the age of eleven, that now I had become a woman, my body moved with the moon and the earth.  I felt part of something vast and mysterious.  It intrigued me that women who spend a lot of time together usually end up synchronising and bleeding together and we quite often bleed with the full or new moon, it’s as though our bodies know stuff that we don’t.  I’ve tried listening to and tuning in to that secret and sacred knowledge on and off ever since

Angelic Hands - August 2017 - 006.jpg
Womb Journey.

It’s a journey that excites and intrigues, I discover layer after layer, peeling away old beliefs and self imposed constraints.  I discover and dissolve false opinions and stigmas  and in doing so heal myself and my ancestral Mother line.

The journey no longer scares me like it used to, I revel in each new discovery, I am finding so many ways to express and honour my true essence.

It’s a beautiful journey and the best thing is there is no wrong way because the destination is myself.


Namaste x

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