Magnetic Vibes.

According to the law of attraction, our thoughts are Magnetic.  Our thoughts become our reality by manifesting.  Like attracts like so it’s important to exude the vibrations that you’d like to attract.  For example if we value peace and harmony but focus our thoughts on drama and gossip (which is more often than not disharmonious),  we are not aligning our thoughts and actions with our values and will be attracting to our lives that which we are giving attention to instead of what we really want.

Raise your vibration by getting out in nature, taking time out to relax, meditation, yoga and other energy moving exercises, helping others, caring for the planet and having intentional, positive thoughts.

Focus on things that make you smile, uplift your mind, relax your body, things that you are grateful for and what makes you feel well, balanced and happy.

Align your vibes with your values

Sending you happy vibes,

Namaste x



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