Experimenting with Expressing.

I’ve recently been playing around with using my paintings and the words I receive with them to create inspiring and uplifting images (I think people call them memes?).

I used to worry that people would think I’m Peculiar if I shared these ideas and feelings that come to me and that I’d be judged on what I said, wrote and did. But as I’ve got older I’ve learned to embrace not only own my uniqueness, but everyone else’s too.  This is who I am, these are my thoughts and ideas and this is what I create.  If people like what I create thats great.  Of course there will be some people who don’t like or understand what I do and and that’s fine, it’s not meant for them and there’s so much else for them to enjoy because theres a lot of people out there expressing themselves in wonderful ways.

beautiful you.png

Wishing you joy in being you.

Namaste x


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