I Believe…..

in the goodness of people,

that our children are the future,

in the power of love,

in the human family,


that our planet is precious,

in Angels,

that good will prevail,

in common sense,

in healing,

that childhood is not just preparation for adulthood,

that there is good to be found everywhere,

in respect and courtesy,

that honesty is the best policy,

that you should trust your instincts,

in listening,

in family (whatever form that takes),

in friendship,

in equality,

in laughter,

in magik and mystery

in good times,

in karma,

that balance is important,

in the power of touch,

in the cycle of life and all things,

that as long as you harm none, do as you will,

in spirits,

that all beliefs deserve respect,

we can achieve world peace,

in you.


Namaste x

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