Why ‘Angelic Hands’?

I’m an earthy type, I love being outdoors, and am very grounded in reality and nature so some people wonder at my business name.  The name ‘Angelic Hands’ came to me before I’d even completed my first Reiki degree.  It just popped into my head and wouldn’t go away.  I thought it a bit presumptuous (who am I to say my hands are Angelic?) so I ignored it.  Then I did a course on Angelic Healing and whilst practicing on the course leader I was meant to place my hands on her shoulders but couldn’t because I could sense that there were ‘other’ hands there.  She could sense it too and we both felt that they were Angelic.  I forgot about this as the months went by until I was doing my Reiki case studies and several of the clients would say that they had thought I was touching them in one place like their feet or shoulders but then realised that I was actually elsewhere, commenting that they’d felt more than one pair of hands.
I always call on any Angels, Guides or other Beings of Light who work for the highest good of all when I prepare for a Reiki treatment and sometimes see sparks of light where I believe these Light Beings are present and working with me and the client to bring about healing and positivity.  So the ‘Angelic Hands’ are not mine; my hands are very human, grounded, warm, caring, nurturing and sensitive but I’m not claiming to be divine! The name of my business refers to the other hands that are often present in my practice and sensed by many recipients of Reiki.  It doesn’t matter if you believe in the presence of other worldly beings for them to help.  You also don’t have to believe in Reiki or understand it for it to work, just as antibiotics work on a baby who has no concept of modern medicine and how it works in conjunction with the human body.  Obviously it helps if you believe you are going to feel better but that helps with modern medicine too and thats about having a positive mindset and the healing effect that can have on the body.
Although Reiki is often thought of as a mysterious, spiritual force exclusive to those ‘in the know’ and while it is that, it is also an everyday energy that we experience all the time without realising it, it is constantly flowing around and through us, so familiar that we rarely notice it. Reiki can be thought of as the energy that makes the heart keep beating, a seed germinate, the secret and sacred knowledge that helps animals to migrate, the seasons to change, tides to keep turning and the earth to spin.
Reiki is both familiar and ordinary and special and sacred.
The Reiki practitioner has learnt to sense and channel this energy and to channel concentrated amounts of it and deliver it in varying frequencies to various places in and around the recipient’s body.  The recipients mind, body and spirit, is familiar with this energy, that is a constant but not consciously detected presence in our existence, so that they can use the extra energy that is received during a treatment to balance and heal themselves without the recipient having to do anything.  Just as you don’t have to have faith in or understand in Theory how modern medicine works for your body to use it to heal itself, your body, mind and soul will respond to Reiki and use it to heal itself in the way that it needs to at the time.
We do not as yet have the ability to scientifically explain Reiki (although Scientists are able to detect more electromagnetic energy than two human bodies can produce when a Reiki treatment is being given from one person to another), but then there were times when we didn’t know what electricity was or radio waves are or infra red light or any of the other things that we cannot see but have developed ways of detecting, harnessing and using for our own good.  Neither do we have sufficient brain power or language to explain many wonderful, mysterious and spiritual things, but that doesn’t mean they don’t exist.
Bearing in mind the everyday, familiar and yet sacred and wondrous nature of Reiki, it seems right that I acknowledge the presence of the ‘other’ hands that often work alongside my normal human ones when I am giving a treatment and are experienced by many recipients as well as myself.  Given our human lack of understanding about the unseen spiritual side of life and our lack of language to describe it, we all interpret our experiences differently and for want of a better word I call these ‘other’ hands Angelic.  They could be explained as spirit guides, passed over loved ones, the clients or my own higher selves, wishful thinking or a collective hallucination, but what does it matter how we explain it or describe it if it works and makes people feel better?
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