Bedtime Stories That Heal.

Try telling yourself a bedtime story tonight and make it a happy one about you.
If you find yourself with a lot of negative self talk going on in your head, and you seem to be listing all the things that don’t work for you, try this tip – Tell yourself happy stories about your life.
For example, today I could be telling myself: My bedroom is too hot, there’s a leak in my bathroom, my children take forever to get ready for school, my car is old and I had to run loads of errands. I had to do housework and shopping. I had to supervise the children’s homework. I worry about money. I never get any quality time with my husband… the usual stuff we moan about from time to time. But if I list the things that I appreciate and that are working for me, my Happy Story for today would go something like this: I got to wake up with my family in a cosy bed, on a beautiful sunny day. I have fresh water to drink and got to eat my favourite bread for breakfast. I am so lucky to have a car which enables me to get about. The person serving in the shop was really friendly. I had enough money to buy the food my family needs. I got to spend time listening to my favourite music while I got some chores done and I discovered a new podcast that I like. My children got home safely from school and didn’t make too much fuss about doing their homework. I am so lucky to be in a happy relationship.

You see the day was the same but the version of the story I tell myself will ultimately be what affects my state of mind.

Tell yourself happy stories and don’t forget you are the hero and the author of the story of your life.

Much love xIMG_3615

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