Corona Virus, Alien invasion, a Golden Opportunity.

I’ve often fantasised about what it would take to change the world for the better, bring about World Peace and heal Mother Earth.  I envisioned, an Alien invasion, forcing world leaders to bury their differences and work together.  People would be tolerant and supportive of one another.  Compassion and kindness would abound.  People would look at the world around them, nature and all living things, with new appreciation and want to protect and preserve it.  The whole world united with a common goal.  There would be difficulty and sadness yes, but it would be an opportunity to press the reset button and start again.  To change our ways for better and for good.
This Corona Virus could be our Alien Invasion.  This global pandemic is our golden opportunity to come together in peace and hope, to work for a common good for all life.
Are we each going to take our own responsibility? Are we going to show compassion and kindness? play our part, do the work we know will help?  Can we fill this scary and uncertain time with loving thoughts and kind deeds instead of fear, judgement and scaremongering?  Have we got what it takes to rise above all previous disharmony in order to work together?  Can we humans make the positive change necessary to move through this in the best way possible?  And when its all over and we are left with the grief and the relief, and we are rebuilding our lives and communities will we carry that positivity forward?
I am a strong believer that Love wins over fear every time, keep the faith, keep the Love.
Stay safe, stay healthy and raise each other up,
Steph Earthbound Soulprint

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